TNG eWallet 额外RM30 现金回扣最新详情!将分成6次派发,每次回扣RM5!

今日TNG eWallet 通过官方面子书宣布只要使用TNG eWallet 领取电子钱包奖励金就可额外获得RM30 Exclusive Bonus。

如今TNG eWallet 正式公布RM30 Exclusive Bonus 现金回扣最新详情!

若通过TNG eWallet 领取RM30 e-Tunai Rakyat 将可获得  RM30 电子钱包奖励 +  RM30 现金回扣  RM30 e-Tunai Rakyat 电子钱包奖励   将一次性汇入用户户口。

额外  RM30 现金回扣  则将分成6次派发,每次回扣RM5!除此以外,必须消费满RM20 才能获得RM5 现金回扣。

有效日期:15 January 2020 – 14 Mac 2020

简单来说,只要使用TNG eWallet 消费满RM20就可获得RM5 现金回扣,一共可获得6次,总额RM30 的现金回扣。


  • Transfer
  • Toll Payments via PayDirect
  • Toll Payments via RFID
  • Parking Payments via PayDirect

  Promotion Details  

The Promotion Period is from 15 January 2020 until 14 Mac 2020.

To participate the Promotion, the Touch ‘n Go eWallet (“TNG eWallet”) users MUST fulfil the following requirements to be eligible for SIX (6) cashback (“Cashback”) to the TNG eWallet:
  1. a Malaysian citizen;
  2. must be at least 18 years old on or before 31 December 2019;
  3. must submit the claim for e-Tunai Rakyat with TNG eWallet ONLY; and
  4. must perform and complete the Account Verification in TNG eWallet.

The Promotion is NOT applicable to the following Users:

  1. who DO NOT SUBMIT the e-Tunai Rakyat’s claim with TNG eWallet;
  2. FAIL to claim the e-Tunai Rakyat with TNG eWallet because they have successfully claimed with other eWallets.

The Promotion is also valid for users who submitted their e-Tunai Rakyat claim with TNG eWallet but unsuccessful due to income threshold.

The Promotion is limited to the first ONE million (1,000,000) TNG eWallet users.

Users can get the Cashback amount with a minimum transaction of RM20 for the following Services and Features in the TNG eWallet:


  • Parking
  • Prepaid
  • Postpaid
  • Bills
  • Movies
  • Flights
  • SCAN – for online merchants i.e. LAZADA, TaoBao, etc.


  • PAY
  • SCAN (where users can make payment over the counter at all retail merchants that accept TNG eWallet)
Each of the Cashback worth RM5 will be credited back to the respective TNG eWallet account after a transaction have been performed successfully.

This promotion NOT applicable for any of the following services or features:

  • Transfer
  • Toll Payments via PayDirect
  • Toll Payments via RFID
  • Parking Payments via PayDirect

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