TNG eWallet 12月12日起举办大促销!用户可获得12%现金回扣!

为了配合双十二的到来,TNG eWallet 特别推出 12.12 促销活动!用户可获得12%现金回扣!


只要在12月12日至15日期间,使用TNG eWallet 消费付款至少RM1 或以上,就可获得12%现金回扣 Cashback,最多回扣RM12。

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促销活动:TNG eWallet 12% Cashback

促销日期:12 – 15 December 2019


  • 使用 TNG eWallet “Scan” 或 “Pay” 付款
  • 消费满RM1 或以上
  • 最多回扣RM12
  • 每个用户在促销期间可获得一次现金回扣

  Promotion Details  

This Promotion is open to all registered Users of the Touch ‘n Go eWallet using “Scan” or “Pay” functions with a minimum spend of RM1.

Each User can enjoy a 12% Cashback (capped at of RM12) and limited to One (1) Cashback transaction throughout the Promotion Period.

The Cashback will be rewarded for payment made using the “Scan” or “Pay” functions only, and the Cashback amount will be displayed once the payment is successfully made. The Cashback amount will be credited into the User’s Touch ‘n Go eWallet within the same day of the payment.

This Cashback Promotion shall NOT be applicable to any of the “Transfer”, “In-App Services”, “TNG Card“, “PayDirect“, “RFID“, “App Store” and/or online purchases.


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