Starbucks 全马分行促销!饮料一杯只需RM5!【需符合条件】

哇!! Starbucks 又推出特别优惠了!一杯饮料只需要RM5!!

只需要在7月16日(5pm – 7pm)前往Starbucks 购买一杯Summer Frappuccino 饮料,就能以RM5 超低价格购买第二杯Grande  Sized 饮料哦!简单来说,第二杯饮料只需RM5!




促销日期:16 July 2018

促销时间:5pm – 7 pm

促销地点:全马分行( Sunway Lagoon kiosk 和  Starbucks On The Go at Petronas除外)

促销条件:购买一杯Summer Frappuccino 饮料,第二杯Grande  Sized 饮料只需RM5!


Bliss out on Monday and sip the fun with a friend today! From 5 pm – 7 pm, get a Summer Frappuccino and add RM5 for another Grande beverage of your choice for your buddy. ?? See you at our stores!

Terms & Conditions:

  • Not valid with other discounts or promotions.
  • The second purchased Grande beverage must be equal or lesser value than the purchased Summer
  • Applicable at all Starbucks stores except Sunway Lagoon kiosk and Starbucks On The Go at Petronas.

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