Starbucks 推出超可爱「Drive-Thru Cafe Mini Block」!只需要RM19!

Starbucks 推出超可爱「Drive-Thru Cafe Mini Block」!快去收集一个吧!

只要从即日起前往Starbucks Drive-Thru stores 购买一杯Venti sized饮料, 就能以RM19 购买一个限量版Drive-Thru Cafe Mini Block 了哦!


促销活动:Starbucks 「Drive-Thru Cafe Mini Block」只需要RM19!


促销地点:Starbucks Drive-Thru stores



Heading to our Drive-Thru stores for a cup of our new Summer beverages? Then purchase a Venti sized beverage and get our LIMITED EDITION Drive-Thru Cafe Mini Block at only RM19! A great addition to your collection.

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