Medicos Surgical Mask 三层医用口罩再降价了!50片只需要RM49.99!

Medicos Surgical Mask 三层医用口罩再次降价啦!

Medplus Pharmacy 所出售的 Medicos 3Ply Surgical Facemask 三层医用口罩将从即日起调降价格,50片最新售价只需要RM49.99。

大家可通过Medplus Pharmacy  官方网店购买,存货有限,售完为止。

购买 Medicos 3Ply Surgical Facemask:点击这里

Medplus Pharmacy 官方网店:点击这里

虽然目前市场上只需要RM20 左右就可以购买到三层普通防护口罩,但相比之下三层医用口罩的品质更好,防护能力也较强。大家不妨购买一些三层医用口罩,以备不时之需。

购买 Medicos 3Ply Surgical Facemask:点击这里

Frequently Ask Question:

Is this genuine Medicos product?
we are registered pharamcy with MOH & authorized reseller of Medicos

Is this a surgical mask?
Yes. A mask that complies to Europe EN14863 surgical mask standard

Is there any ‘Medicos’ brand embossed on each mask?
Yes. Each and every mask

Is blue/white/green/lime @ RM75 sold by us the same?
Yes. Just the color of the non-woven material but not affecting its filter inside.

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