Grab 乘客注意!3月25日起 “Cancel Booking“ 将被罚款RM3!

Grab 宣布将正式更新【取消预约】条规(Cancellation Policy)!乘客若取消预约将被罚款!


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为了保障Grab 司机的利益,Grab 将正式更改【取消预约】条规!Grab 乘客若取消预约将被罚款RM3!这项新政策将从3月25日起正式在巴生谷地区实行!其他地区则将从3月27日起开始实行!



【Grab Cancellation Policy】

Therefore, in order to protect your earnings and reduce cancellations by passengers, the Cancellation Compensation fee will be charged to passengers end of *March 2019 when:

  • Passenger cancels after 5 minutes of booking;
  • Passenger don’t show up for their booking and you cancel the ride with reason “Passenger no-show”.

This fee will be added to your Cash Wallet to compensate you for your time on the road. Please note that you are not eligible for any compensation if you do not move towards the passenger, or if you take too long to arrive.


根据Grab 最新Cancellation Policy:

  • 乘客在预约5分钟后 “取消预约” 将被罚款。
  • 司机抵达后,乘客若没现身,司机可使用 “Passenger no-show” 选项取消预约。

*RM3 罚款将自动添加进乘客下一次的预定车费内,而RM3 将归还给被乘客取消预约的司机。




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