Family Mart 即日起开售三层抗菌口罩!细菌过滤效率BFE超过99%!10片售RM15!

Family Mart 将从即日起开售三层口罩和免洗消毒洗手液!


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Family Mart 在今日通过面子书表示,将从即日起开售 Antibacterial Face Mask 3ply 三层抗菌口罩,10片售RM15。每人只限购买10片。



Family Mart 所售卖的三层抗菌口罩 BFE 超过99%;PFE 超过90%!

✅BFE(细菌过滤效率) ——可过滤微粒3微米,如花粉或一般飞沫

✅PFE(颗粒过滤效率) ——可过滤微粒0.1微米,如流感病毒

除此以外,Family Mart 也正式开售Hand Sanitizer Gel,100ml 瓶装售价为RM9.90;250ml 瓶装售价为RM19.90。

Dear FAM, Hand Sanitizer Gel, and limited Antibacterial Face Mask 3ply are now available in store. Each store is allocated with 10 packs of Face Mask (Bacterial Filtration Efficiency => 99% & Particulate Filtration Efficiency => 90%), while our team continues to work real hard in securing more future stocks for our Family soon.

• Antibacterial Face Mask 3ply: Rm15 per pack (of 10 pieces) – limited 1 pack per customer
• Hand Sanitizer Gel: 100ml – RM9.90 for all stores except KLIA2 at RM10.90 | 250ml – RM19.90 for all stores except KLIA2 at RM21.90

In the meantime, #StaySafe and maintain a safe distance when queue in store.

*While stocks last. Mask and sanitizer are on the check out counter.

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