由于疫情恶化!AEON 宣布取消 ALL NITE SALE 促销活动!!注意!注意!

原本将在3月20日晚上6点至3月21日早上6点期间举办 的ALL NITE SALE 大促销活动,现在已经取消了!这是因为国内疫情恶化,所以AEON管理层决定取消该促销活动!

而 AEON 101-Day campaign促销活动依旧将从3月20日至6月28日于全国 Aeon 分行举行,营业时间如常,让大家以更优惠的价格购买日常用品。

 以下是AEON 官方面子书发出的原文通告: 

𝙏̲𝙃̲𝙀̲ ̲𝘼̲𝙀̲𝙊̲𝙉̲”̲𝘼̲𝙇̲𝙇̲ ̲𝙉̲𝙄̲𝙏̲𝙀̲ ̲𝙎̲𝘼̲𝙇̲𝙀̲”̲ ̲𝙄̲𝙎̲ ̲𝘾̲𝘼̲𝙇̲𝙇̲𝙀̲𝘿̲ ̲𝙊̲𝙁̲𝙁̲

In light of the latest developments on the COVID-19 outbreak, AEON would like to put our utmost priority on the health and well-being of all our stakeholders during this unpredictable time.


Therefore, it is with much regret to inform that AEON Group has decided to call off the ‘All Nite Sale’.
The ‘All Nite Sale’ was aimed to signify the launch of the Campaign and was scheduled to be held on Friday, March 20, 2020 at 6pm.

The AEON 101-Day campaign will continue based on its regular operation hours from March 20 to June 28, 2020.
It will be held across all AEON Retail stores, including 28 AEON Malls, 34 AEON Departmental Stores, 22 AEON BiG stores, 9 MaxValu Prime stores, 74 AEON Wellness and 24 Daiso Specialty Stores.

We urge all our shoppers to take extra precaution to stay safe and continue to practice good hygiene habits.

Let’s all work together to care for one another.


#AEONRetailMalaysia #WeCareWeShare

𝙏̲𝙃̲𝙀̲ ̲𝘼̲𝙀̲𝙊̲𝙉̲"̲𝘼̲𝙇̲𝙇̲ ̲𝙉̲𝙄̲𝙏̲𝙀̲ ̲𝙎̲𝘼̲𝙇̲𝙀̲"̲ ̲𝙄̲𝙎̲ ̲𝘾̲𝘼̲𝙇̲𝙇̲𝙀̲𝘿̲ ̲𝙊̲𝙁̲𝙁̲ In light of the latest developments on the…

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