Watsons 最新5天大减价!Sunblock、面膜、洗脸霜、化妆品等等大减价!

Watsons 最新5天大减价!Sunblock、面膜、洗脸霜、化妆品等等大减价!是时候到Watsons 补货了~

促销活动:Watsons 最新5天大减价

促销日期:22 – 26 March 2018

促销地点:Watsons  西马分行

Let’s enjoy more Power Sale this weekend with discounts of up to 30% OFF* and 5x Members Points on selected products! Shop now at your nearest Watsons stores or Shop ONLINE

*Terms and conditions apply. Promotion valid till 26 March 2018, West Malaysia only.






















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