UNIQLO 推出 DORAEMON 系列可爱服装!还有超可爱的小叮当娃娃!

UNIQLO 推出 DORAEMON 系列可爱服装!还有超可爱的小叮当娃娃!DORAEMON 迷注意咯~~




UNIQLO Doraemon UTs!

Are you excited for the unique Doraemon UTs that will even surprise Doraemon?This season’s Doraemon UT comprises two main designs, one incorporating artwork exhibited by artist Takashi Murakami. A range of items will be available, including men’s and kids’ T-shirts, as well as a Doraemon plush toy with artwork by Mr. Murakami.Get yours at any UNIQLO stores in Malaysia and online from 28 May 2018.

Posted by Uniqlo Malaysia on Friday, April 27, 2018


Uniqlo Doraemon X Takashi Murakami 联名系列将在5月28日登陆大马!各种超可爱 Doraemon 款式服装等着你!最低只需要 RM39.90 起!

一起来看看有什么可爱的Doraemon 服装吧!

款式 1


款式 2


款式 3


款式 4


款式 5


款式 6


款式 7


款式 8


款式 9


款式 10


款式 11

Uniqlo 除了推出Doraemon 款式服装以外,还有推出哆啦A梦小叮当娃娃哦!相信一定会引起抢购热潮的~



Uniqlo Doraemon X Takashi Murakami 联名系将会在5月28日正式登陆大马Uniqlo分行和Unilqo 官方网店拼~


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