UniFi 全新Wireless Broadband 配套!60GB只需RM79

TM 推出全新上网配套【UniFi Wireless Broadband】!这款全新的上网配套和早前TM 所推出的UniFi Mobile wireless broadband 是完全不一样的上网配套哦~


早前TM 所推出的 UniFi Mobile wireless broadband 每月RM59 可获得20GB,而全新上网配套【UniFi Wireless Broadband】每月只需RM79 即可获得60GB 上网数据!【UniFi Wireless Broadband】可让最多64台设备同时链接,而UniFi Mobile 则只能让10台设备同时链接。

除此以外,【UniFi Wireless Broadband】和UniFi Mobile wireless broadband 同样没有任何合约束缚哦~

Unifi Wireless Broadband | RM79

  • 60GB
  • Use it freely! Stay connected anytime, anywhere.
  • Plug & Play with unifi Wireless Broadband. No installation.
  • Share your connection with up to 64 gadgets all at once.
  • One device and one plan is all you need.
  • Get unifi Wireless Broadband now and purchase the device at RM599. (save more than RM500!)

预知更多关于【UniFi Wireless Broadband】的详情可以浏览UniFi 官方网站。

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