McDonald’s 推出全新食品!Ice Blended Ribena、Banana Pie 等食品!榴莲雪糕也回归啦!

McDonald’s 将从即日起推出全新食品!是时候到麦当劳吃一餐了!

McDonald’s 全新食品包括了Ice Blended Ribena、Banana Pie、Chicken Foldover 等!D24 榴莲雪糕和Nasi McD 也正式回归啦!

1、Chicken Foldover and Nasi McD

麦当劳将再次推出Nasi McD 和 Chicken Foldover!还有全新咖喱酱料~~

Malaysian favorites make a tasty comeback!

Unwrap the exciting flavors of the new Chicken Foldover and Nasi McD with crispy Ayam Goreng McD and new curry sauce for ultimate satisfaction.


2、Banana Pie

喜欢吃香蕉的朋友看过来!麦当劳也将从即日起推出大家期待已久的 Banana Pie 哦!

Feeling bananas?

Take a bite of our delicious Banana Pie! The Banana Pie comes with generous chunks of bananas filled in a crispy pie shell. It’s sweet, crispy and so good it’s gonna make you go bananas for more! 

Grab it at your nearest McDonald’s store today!


3、Ice Blended Ribena

除了推出各种主食和甜品以外,麦当劳 McCafe 也推出了全新饮料——Ice Blended Ribena!在大热天来杯Ice Blended Ribena 实在是太棒了!

A refreshing way to enjoy a smooth blend of blackcurrants and strawberries in an ice blended drink.

Have an icy blast at McCafe!


4、D24 Durian Desserts

爱吃榴莲的朋友注意了!麦当劳重新推出D24 Durian 榴莲雪糕!其中包括D24 Durian McFlurry Party 和 D24 Durian McFlurry!


Make way for the return of the king! 

We’ve heard you and it’s back! The D24 Durian McFlurry returns to McDonald’s! 

Delicious soft serve with D24 Durian makes this the perfect dessert for any occasion! 

Whether you’re enjoying the D24 Durian McFlurry, or grabbing a friend to share the D24 Durian McFlurry Party with extra chocolate chunks, you’re in for a royal treat!



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