想要申请奖学金的朋友注意了!根据著名教育网站 ,2018年JPA【国内深造】 奖学金已经正式开放申请!在国内深造的学生注意咯!以下附上JPA 【 PROGRAM IJAZAH DALAM NEGARA】奖学金详情。

截止日期:22 May 2018



Applicant must meet all the below requirements

All applicants must fulfill the general and specific terms as stated below:

General terms:

1. Candidates must be a Malaysian;

2. Not be more than 22 years old during the year of application (23 years old for students under ‘peralihan’);

2. Mother and/or father and/or family members not blacklisted by JPA;

3. Excellent health condition;

4. Obtain SPM / SPMV to be eligible to work under the Public Service Department.

Specific terms:

Details of the specific terms according to their respective fields are as follows:

1. Have started their first degree programme before the deadline of this loan

2. Fulfill the academic requirements as follows:

A. Fields other than Medicine and Dentistry

Students who have started their studies and received CGPA of 3.30


Students who have started their studies but have yet to complete their first semester for their first degree programme must fulfill at least ONE of the following requirements:

a) Obtain a diploma with at least CGPA 3.50 from public universities/politeknik/IPTS (GLU) as listed; OR

b) Obtain a Foundation in IPTS (GLU) as listed with at least CGPA 3.75

For more details on the entry requirements, please view the document here


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