Sunway Lagoon 聘请“Scare Actor”!让你扮鬼吓人!一个星期工作3天!月薪高达RM800!


Sunway Lagoon 聘请“Scare Actor”!让你扮鬼吓人!一星期工作3天!月薪高达RM800!
Wow!想要做Part Time 的朋友注意咯!现在做Part Time 可不是只能选择做Promoter、waiter 等等的!现在Sunway Lagoon 可是聘请你来扮鬼吓人哦!

为了配合 Festival of Fear , Sunway Lagoon 现在正在热烈招募【Scare Actor】,欢迎一众喜欢搞怪、性格活泼、多才多艺的朋友前来申请!


工作期间也可享有免费员工膳食和免费服装和化妆哦!没有任何学历要求,只要您年满 17 岁,就能够立即前来申请!

又好玩,又有钱赚!走咯~~~ 一起扮鬼吓人去吧!


Looking for Young At Heart, Energetic and Multi-Talented Candidates of every possible Character who are interested to work Part-Time at a Theme Park for one of our Night Event (shout-out especially candidates who love to Cosplay). 
*Important* All Candidates will have to make themselves available to attend the Scare School Academy Training session. Candidates will be paid for attending the training session
*Note* As part of our company compliance policy, Deduction of EPF & SOCSO will be made


Work Date: Every Friday, Saturday & Sunday in the month of October. 
Time: 6:00 p.m - 12:00 a.m 
Minimum Age: 17 years old 
Location: Bandar Sunway 

Meals: Provided
Costumes and Make-up: Provided

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Sunway Lagoon 聘请“Scare Actor”!让你扮鬼吓人!一个星期工作3天!月薪高达RM800! Sunway Lagoon 聘请“Scare Actor”!让你扮鬼吓人!一个星期工作3天!月薪高达RM800! Reviewed by leesharing on 下午7:47:00 Rating: 5
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