TESCO 疯狂优惠!指定时间内让你任拿商品!拿到多少都是免费!


TESCO 疯狂优惠!指定时间内让你任拿商品!拿到多少都是免费!
【TESCO 特别优惠!指定时间内让你任拿商品】

哇!!! TESCO 推出疯狂促销活动!让你在指定时间内任拿商品哦!拿到多少都是免费的!

这项特别促销活动由 TESCO 和 GRAB 合作推出哦!只要乘坐GRAB 到TESCO,并消费RM100 或以上就能参与这项特别促销活动了!


促销活动:TESCO 疯狂优惠!指定时间内让你任拿商品!

促销日期:14 - 16 July 2017
- Tesco Extra Puchong
- Tesco Extra Ara Damansara, 
- Tesco Extra Shah Alam, 
- Tesco Kepong,
- Tesco Extra Cheras, 
- Tesco Ampang, 
- Tesco Extra Tebrau, 
- Tesco Bukit Indah, 
- Tesco Penang, 
- Tesco Extra Penang – Sungai Dua, 
- Tesco Bandar Baru Nilai, 
- Tesco Melaka – Jln Tun Razak 
- Tesco Kota Bahru

This 14–16 July, book a Grab ride (with or without promo code) to participating Tesco stores and spend a minimum of RM100 in a single-receipt at Tesco on the same day to take part. You’ll be given the chance to grab all the groceries you can with your bare hands from a GrabCar boot in 5 seconds!

Here’s How to Enjoy GrabGrocery:

Step 1: Download the Grab app from the Apple App Store and/or Google Play Store.

Step 2: Select preferred icon and tap Next.

Step 3: Book a GrabCar ride to the participating Tesco stores and spend a minimum of RM100 in a single receipt on the same day to participate.

Step 4: Grab all you can in 5 seconds with your bare hands !
TESCO 疯狂优惠!指定时间内让你任拿商品!拿到多少都是免费! TESCO 疯狂优惠!指定时间内让你任拿商品!拿到多少都是免费! Reviewed by leesharing on 上午9:55:00 Rating: 5
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