Starbucks饮料促销!一杯只需 RM7.50!全国分行皆有促销

Starbucks饮料促销!一杯只需 RM7.50!全国分行皆有促销
Starbucks 将在5月24日,31日以及6月7日的下午5时至7时举行特别促销活动。

在此促销期间,大家可以以RM15购买到两杯促销饮料哦,算起来一杯Tall size饮料只需RM7.50而已哦!



促销地点:Starbucks所有分行,除了 Genting Highland stores, Sunway Lagoon kiosk & Tapah R&R kiosk.

促销饮料: Tall Valencia Orange Mocha 

Term & Conditions :
1. Only available on 24th May, 31st May and 7th June from 5pm to 8pm.

2. Only applicable for Valencia Orange Mocha. Available in hot, iced or Frappuccino.

3. RM1 will be charged for each upsize of Valencia Orange Mocha beverage.

4. Modifier is charged at normal price.

5. Not valid with any other promotions & discounts.

6. Not entitled for Starbucks Card Reward.

7.Available at all Starbucks stores in Malaysia, except Genting Highland stores, Sunway Lagoon kiosk & Tapah R&R kiosk.

Starbucks饮料促销!一杯只需 RM7.50!全国分行皆有促销 Starbucks饮料促销!一杯只需 RM7.50!全国分行皆有促销 Reviewed by Lee Shang on 下午9:05:00 Rating: 5
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