Sushi King Bonanza 要回来了!每碟只需RM 3.18!

 Sushi King RM 3.18 Bonanza 大促销

Sushi King Bonanza 促销又回来啦!爱吃寿司和日本餐的您怎能错过呢?大家要留意促销详情了!
促销活动:Sushi King RM 3.18 Bonanza 第二阶段促销

促销时间:2016年11月21日- 24日

促销地点:Johor, Kelantan, Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Putrajaya, Selangor & Sabah


  1. Valid for dine in only. Take away is not available for this promotion
  2. Price are inclusive of GST. Subject to 10% of service charges
  3. Strictly for 2016 Sushi King card member only
  4. Applicable to Sushi and Tsunami on the Kaiten belt only
  5. Incompleted parties will not be seated.
  6. Reservation are not allowed.
  7. Maximum 45 min per dining session
  8. Not valid with other discount or promotions
  9. All voucher are not accepted during this promotion except the Sushi King RM10 cash voucher
  10. The management reserves the right to amend the terms and condiitons without prior notice


更多详情,请浏览官方FB: sushikingasia

Sushi King Bonanza 要回来了!每碟只需RM 3.18! Sushi King Bonanza 要回来了!每碟只需RM 3.18! Reviewed by Lee Sharing on 上午9:24:00 Rating: 5
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