Uncle Tetsu 招牌抹茶起司蛋糕 50% 折扣【全马分行】

Uncle Tetsu 招牌抹茶起司蛋糕 50% 折扣

喜爱吃抹茶起司蛋糕的朋友,你有口福了!Uncle Tetsu推出的宇治抹茶口味起司蛋糕绝对是你不容错过的美食!来临的星期五,前来购买一份招牌抹茶起司蛋糕,就可享有购买第二份产品的50%折扣了。



  • 50% discount applicable to any products under newly launched Matcha series. (second item in a same transaction)
  • 50% discount for the second item applicable for products with the same value or lower price item only.
  • Promotion not applicable for Uncle Tetsu Cheesestick and mineral water.
  • Promotion only valid on 28th October 2016.
  • Promotion applicable to all Uncle Tetsu outlets nationwide.
  • All our cakes are freshly baked, in any circumstances if the cake is still baking, kindly wait in line for your fresh and warm cheesecake, no reservation for promotion day.
  • First come first serve only and while stocks last
  • Uncle Tetsu Management reserves all rights to cancel or alter any terms T&Cs or cancel the promotion without prior notice.

这个星期五就到邻近的Uncle Tetsu分行买蛋糕吧!

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Uncle Tetsu 招牌抹茶起司蛋糕 50% 折扣【全马分行】 Uncle Tetsu 招牌抹茶起司蛋糕 50% 折扣【全马分行】 Reviewed by Lee Sharing on 上午8:25:00 Rating: 5
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