Starbucks 两杯 TALL-sized Frappuccino只需RM10!也太便宜了!


Starbucks 又推出特别优惠! 两杯 TALL-sized Frappuccino (Caramel 和 Coffee ) 只需RM10!真的是太便宜了啦!而且还送到你家门口哦!

只要在 21 October 2016, 打开Uber App并 request for a delivery。 那你就能以RM10 享有两杯TALL-sized Caramel 和 Coffee Frappuccino哦!

记得!不需要前往任何Starbucks分行哦! 在家等着就有人送到你家门口了~只限11am - 4pm 哦!
促销活动:Starbucks Two TALL-sized Caramel 和 Coffee Frappuccino 只需RM10

促销日期:21 October 2016

促销时间:11am - 4pm

跟着以下步骤就能轻松request for a delivery了!
How to request:

1)Open up your Uber app
2)Slide right to “Starbucks”
3)Request your Frappuccino* set
4)If there is availability, your Frappuccinos On-Demand will be delivered to you!


Terms and Conditions:
1. Only applicable on 21st October 2016. 
2. Book your request on UBER app between 11am – 4pm.
3. Slide to the icon with siren logo to check on service availability. 
4. Available only in selected cities – KL, Selangor, Penang, Johor, Ipoh, Kota Kinabalu and Kuching.
5. Demand may peak during promotion period, service will be available on a first come, first served basis. Subject to availability. 
6. Customers can enjoy two Frappuccino (Caramel and Coffee) at RM10.

Starbucks 两杯 TALL-sized Frappuccino只需RM10!也太便宜了! Starbucks 两杯 TALL-sized Frappuccino只需RM10!也太便宜了! Reviewed by leesharing on 下午6:35:00 Rating: 5
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