Study Week读书读到想睡觉? 50首超好听英语歌曲让你越听越精神!


做Assignment做到想睡觉? 50首超好听英语歌曲让你越听越精神!

        1.that day歌手:Maria Arredondo
  2.Paparazzi歌手:Lady GaGa
  3.Without You歌手:Mariah Carey
  4.When You Believe歌手:Mariah Carey
  5.Bye Bye Bye歌手:Lovestoned
  6.I wanted you歌手:英国ina
  8.because of you歌手:kelly clarkson
  9.i need you歌手:Westlife
  10.stupid cupid歌手:Mandy Moore
        11.cry on my shoulder歌手:群星
  12.just one last dance歌手:sara hconnor
  13.when you are gone歌手:Avril Lavigne
  14.that’s not my name歌手:The Ting Tings乐队
  15.burning歌手:Maria Arredondo
  16.bye bye歌手:Mariah Carey
  17.i believe i can fly歌手:R.Kelly
  18.Baby One More Time歌手:Britney
  19.Some times歌手:Britney
  22.Hot歌手:Avril Lavigne
  23.I’m With You歌手:Avril Lavigne
  24.Tomorrow歌手:Avril Lavigne
  25.Take Me Away歌手:Avril Lavigne
  27.i still believe歌手:Mariah Carey
  28.Emotions歌手:Mariah Carey
  29.Trouble is a friend歌手:Lenka
  30.a place nearby歌手:Lene Marlin
  32.the magic key歌手:-onet&coolt long as you love me-歌手:后街男孩
  34.loving you歌手:Minnie Riperton
  35.pretty boy歌手:M2M
  36.Yesterday once more歌手:the Carpenters
  37.sunshine in the rain歌手:Bodies without
  38.I believe歌手:Bro’sis
  39.i will always love you歌手:whitney houston
  40.dilemma歌手:kelly rowland 
        41.cinderella歌手:Spears Britney
  43.amazing grace
  44.just the way you are歌手:Bruno Mars
  45.Officially Missing You歌手:Tamia
  46.why歌手:Avril Lavigne
  47.never had a dream come true歌手:SClub
  48.Seasons In The Sun歌手:西城男孩
  49.a little love歌手:冯曦妤
  50.remember the name歌手:黑暗堡垒

Study Week读书读到想睡觉? 50首超好听英语歌曲让你越听越精神! Study Week读书读到想睡觉? 50首超好听英语歌曲让你越听越精神! Reviewed by leesharing on 下午8:55:00 Rating: 5
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